Editing Keyboards - Beta Testers Required!

Hey Guys,

It’s Giles here from Editors Keys. (We’re the company which produces the colour coded shortcut keyboards for Cubase on Mac + PC.)

We’re currently working on a new generation of our Cubase keyboard and we would love to get the opinion from some of you die-hard Cubase experts!

Ideally we’re looking for 10 Beta testers who can check through for any mistakes or improvements you’d like to see in the final release.

We really want you to be as critical as possible. For example are the colours nice, icons need changing or for the PC keyboard what improvements or extra features would you like to see?

You will of course be rewarded for your time.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch!

You can see our current generations here -



Thanks for your time! :smiley:


EK Online Team

Sounds very interesting , I have one of your 2010 keyboards (pc) and I must say I do like it a lot it certainly speeds up my workflow . I see you released a new version not so long ago and to be honest I think the version before was better .

Great keyboards :wink:

Would love to be part of this,
Really need a new keyboard as well.

have sent a PM with details etc.

I know my way round cubase but I wouldn’t call myself an expert not really got the time to give %100 to test.

But one thing I would like to suggest is this.

I was very interested in buying your product but didn’t.

I have wireless keyboard and mouse in my studio one usb dongle for them.I would like to own editors keyboard but that would mean i would have use one usb port for mouse and also use one port for your keyboard along side the mouse.

Yes I can use din connector mouse but it’s the cables that do my head in so wireless is best for me.
I would love to see your new keyboard bundled with a mouse both wireless.

Hopefully this is in the pipeline.

wireless would be a great addition but there is a usb port on the side of the keyboard for which my wireless mouse dongle is installed so you only have to use one usb port :wink:
Another addition to editor keys would be a completely separate programmable 24 button board for key commands as trying to find one in this country is a bloody nightmare

I bought The Editors Keys Cubase keyboard a few months ago. A really nice piece of kit.
Read my review here: