Editing midi - Modulation *help* "ramp" instead of "Step"?

Hi all!

I have “used the search function” and have been unable to find a solution, so I was hoping someone might be able to help here.

Is there a way to make “midi modulation events” record with a “ramp” between events rather than a “step”

Modulation is used in many of my sample libraries to “ramp on” emotion/vibrato/expression to a long midi note. A “step” would obviously cause a jump from one expression to the next rather than a smooth ramp, which would make a smooth transition.

I am wondering if there is perhaps no wat to do this because as I remember there are 127 events available from zero to max, in midi modulations. Does each of the 127 require a step up?
If this is the case, perhaps the Cubase developers would consider a tool that ramps the modulation events automatically. I know there is the “line tool” but this is not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking more about a quantize type tool where you select all of your modulation events, and click the “smooth” tool or whatever it might be called, which would then read the overall movement of the modulations you made, and make as many events necessary to smooth it out, and remove any jumps.
An alternative suggestion would be that there could be a tool that you could use in a very similar way as the volume tools where the modulation becomes a line on which you could create and move points, and between points would ramp, not jump.

Thanks for the help!

With MIDI events that use a midi byte 0 to 127 there is no in between eg 64.5

it’s either 64 or 65, that is a limitation of midi.