Editing multi-track lanes

This has been a problem for a long time and really slows me down while editing.

If I have a clip in a multi-tracked lane selected, and I cut that clip, every clip in the track will cut. I have to click away to de-select, then I can cut the clip I want without cutting every other clip in the track.

I want to only cut the clip that I have selected. If I want every clip cut, I would select every clip.

This is bizarre behavior and has inexplicably made it through many versions of Nuendo. Please fix this.


This is exactly how it works and how I expect it to work.
Select the top clip - only that is cut.
Select all - all are cut.

Maybe we could have an extra key command (modifier) for cut/copy/split only top layer, that would come in handy.


I don’t know if selecting the top clip makes a difference but the top clip is rarely the used clip anyway (otherwise another take wouldn’t be necessary).

The trouble is when I select a clip, editing affects clips I have not selected. I want to edit only what is selected (or where my mouse pointer is when nothing is selected, which does work properly).

Am I the only one with this issue? Or is there preference I haven’t found?


As I understand, you would like to NOT open the lanes to do that ? Cause If you open the lanes you can clearly select one event in any lane and cut it !

Maybe I’m the only one having this problem. I am talking about having the lanes open of a track that is multi-tracked and grouped. Selecting a clip will select all the clips in other tracks that it is grouped with, which is proper behavior.

The trouble is when cutting a selected clip, all of the unselected clips in other lanes will also cut. I have to de-select the clip in order to cut only that clip.


The grouping is what makes the difference, if I understand correctly.
Don’t see a workaround if you need to group the clips you are working on.
I guess it’s a drum editing thing? Maybe try the Cubase forum, there are probably more musicians who might know the answer…

It’s not quite clear to me what you’re tying to do.
But…say If I need to record a multi tracked music or any live performance for that matter, I would not grouped them, until i like all the performance. That includes all and every single track.

The way I would handle ( and do often ) this is ;
*lock all parts in time
*edit individual tracks as needed
*then…put the bunch in the group

:confused: is that what you the idea was ??

I will sometimes comp multi-miked guitar solos or drum performances (or multi-miked anything) and need to have grouped multi-tracked files. If not grouped, how does one edit the same performance efficiently within multiple takes? It seems counter-intuitive to me that cutting a grouped clip would affect clips that I haven’t selected. I can’t imagine why this would be a preferred behavior but could we at least have the option? It really slows down editing otherwise.


I see…it wasn’t clearly understood what your exact question was.
Your described behavior is normal.
Grouped events will always be cut ( & faded, gain altered, nudged…)together. If you wanted to work on a single clip in the group, just un-group for the action.

If what you want to do is select and edit one clip at a time, and if the problem is that you have linked (“grouped”) tracks, then you can temporarily deactivate linking with a key command, no?

I’m not sure I am being fully understood. I will give more detail to be clear.

For example, say I have 3 tracks (a room mike, and 2 close mikes) of a guitar solo and I have recorded 10 takes, which places a clip on 10 lanes of each of the 3 tracks. Now I want to comp the solo. I have each of the 10 takes grouped across the 3 tracks so if I select take 7 on one track, then the clip of take 7 for each of the 3 tracks is selected but no other takes are selected. Now I cut take 7 but all 10 takes on the 3 tracks are cut!

I have to click away from take 7 to de-select it. Only then can I cut take 7 without cutting the other 9 takes. Every time a cut is made, the next clip is automatically selected so i can’t avoid having a selected clip without clicking away from it. And that subsequent selected clip is usually the one I need to edit next.

This is what slows down editing for me and seems counter intuitive. It can take dozens or even hundreds of clicks to comp a solo. The behavior is the same whether grouped using folders or grouped under “edit”.

I hope this clarifies.

Thanks…I appreciate your time.


But it isn’t the takes that are grouped though, it’s the tracks, right?

Ok, so is there any way to assign a key command to temporarily suspend or toggle that grouping?

For the record: I don’t really edit this way and I don’t record in Nuendo, so I’m just trying to come up with any possible solution or way of thinking that can lead to you finding a work-around. Sorry if that’s confusing or counterproductive. This is all I can come up with right now though (and I’m thinking about it this way because there is a ‘suspend’ command for linking tracks at least… I think…)

Ok Rickard I’ll give this one last shot…

I haven’t done any delicate music session for a while, back then always on PTHD. We’ve used playlists for these.
However…There are a few ways, I think this would be the quickest;

  • set up a multi channel input bus ( LCR in your example ) and configure all IO routing and monitoring.
  • record your 10 takes on these LCR track using the “lanes”

Read manual how comp the lanes …this is just top off my head, never done it.

or…get a new player and lay it down the first take … :smiley: :smiley: :laughing: :laughing: :astonished:

I don’t think using surround configuration would be practical and without trying it, I am guessing the same behavior would be present.

I do mostly music and often the “guitar player” is the client. :slight_smile:

The grouping is set so that (using my previous example) editing take 7 on one track would edit take 7 on the others at the same time. Editing take 3 would edit take 3 on all tracks etc…

Playlists have a use if the comping has been done already.

I don’t think there is a workaround. It just needs to be fixed.



Hey…by using “LCR” you do not have to be in “surround”
It would give you a multi channel IO bus for your >> ampA/ampB/room mic on a single track At least that is what I think…SO you can record them as lanes per take on three audio tracks at the time…

Anyone ??

I just looked at LRC and the trouble is I can’t effect the channels independently. I could probably route to mono groups but it would add a level of complexity I would rather stay away from. I guess I could record like this then edit then split the clips to independent tracks to mix but I am often editing and mixing as I go and it would be complicated again. I would rather the editing be fixed in Nuendo.