Editing multiple audio tracks simultaneously

When I record i.e. three tracks of Double Bass using different microphones grouped together and the edit button highlighted, I still find that I have to open the takes on all the tracks to make a comp.
Is there a way to open just the top one for comping and have the comp applied to the other two tracks.
It seems very counter intuitive to have to have them all open especially if you are recording a live drum kit where there might be eight or more tracks.


No, unfortunately you can’t do this.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe something that should be looked at for a future update.

Cheers James Blennerhassett


As the feature-request tag, please.

Like you´re trying to do is not possible yet, a fast way to open all the lanes at once is using the range tool and then edit using the comp or split tool.
Hope Steinberg thinks about this for a future update and not for a future major release.

I’m not entirely sure if I understand your request correctly but how about you put all the takes in a folder track and use the group edit button? So you can edit one track and it is applied to all other tracks as well…

unfortunately doesn’t happen like that in Cubase. All lanes must be open to apply the comp tool to all of them.

Another way of doing this without opening all the lanes is CTRL + right click on a event and use the bring to front function. Like this all takes in lakes get sync´d to upfront.

I do not Comp tracks using the Comp tool with lanes. What I do is have the tracks as normal and use macros that I have created to send the selected slice to the Comp track. I can color code each track, preview, and move to the comp track. Not sure exactly if that would help, but I find it much easier and quicker to comp vocals using this method. There is a Tips and Tricks post that used to be a sticky note that I find as a good reference. I could write something up and put it in that thread.

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Don’t know if this would help, but using the simple down arrow in the events you can select after splitting which take goes to front (main comp lane)

I added my procedure to comp tracks to this post. It doesn’t exactly do what but it will navigate and highlight a given track so you could listen and apply edits. I use this to comp tracks instead of using lanes.