Editing Notes is harder than it needs to be

I’ve been spending so much time trying to accustomize myself to editingand writing midi notes, but I just find it harder than many other DAWs I’ve used. I guess if I boil it down, the most counterintuitive part is when in the draw tool, I can add a note, draw it’s length, delete it, move the note, but any attempt to change length by dragging the end does nothing. I know that it is possible using the select tool, but why not with the draw tool? -you can edit everything else using the draw tool. I would find it far more useful than the number of times I accidentally delete a note with the draw tool.
At least put an option in the UI settings to turn on the ability to drag the length and disable deleting with the draw tool.
I’ve tried the extra icons on the bottom left to alter functionality, but it just doesn’t make it intuitive/easier
Please? I really want to be able to use Cubasis to write music on but I keep going back to other apps to do stuff on.

I just feel like the note editor needs to be much better thought out and modernized. Even the grid lines are hard to differentiate major note divisions and bars.

I don’t want to complain, but I’d really love to see Cubasis become much more streamlined and intuitive and easier for new users at the same time.

Thanks for hearing me out. I’m trying to move all my music making to the iPad but I just can’t get my flow and this area is definitely what’s holding me back the most.


Hi @Funkspace,

Thanks for your message.

Please have a look at our MIDI Editor Improvements Tutorial below, to see if it is of help for you. While the clip has been produced for Cubasis 2.1 back then, the general concept and workflow is almost similar with Cubasis 3.

Please let me know if this helps.

& stay safe,

I agree the MIDI is a nightmare on my Samsung Galaxy S10+. Having to hold the buttons on the left to resize and move is not fast or comfortable, and the default behavior of deleting when you click a note is really annoying. Also it would be awesome if there was a button on the left to copy selected notes by dragging. Please improve!

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Hi Lars,
I took a look at the video tutorial, but unfortunately I had already seen this information.
I put together a video to help illustrate the difficulties with workflow and intuitive response when attempting to work with crafting a midi note performance in the note editor, primarily when in draw mode,

In the hope that it can help identify some critical oversights in the interface with respect to intuitive and rapid workflow;

Cubasis Draw Mode Issues
[:warning:you may have to hit play again to get to see the video as I get a video doesn’t exist icon on first play attempt​:warning:]

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Hi @Funkspace,

Thanks for creating and sharing the YouTube clip with us.
Shared it with the team to further discuss the topic.

Thanks again
& stay well,

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YES thank you this is exactly the same experience that I have. Makes it super frustrating to edit MIDI. A LOT of room for improvement!

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Thank you for expressing your experience. It’s important for users to express the importance of basic workhorse functions being as fluid and intuitive as possible if they are having difficulty with how it functions verses how their brain works.

Take a look at the zoom issue post I made also, as this is another element that significantly affects the editing of notes as I’m unable to move in an intuitive manner -either inwards, towards an area of interest or outwards to a desired overview.
There’s a video included to illustrate some of the issues there too.


I feel it’s a vital component of Cubasis that I certainly expected to have been perfected or at least fluidly intuitive in a Stienberg product. I don’t mean to demean the brand -I just want the product to shine and have its most important core elements working in a manner that is efficient for both experienced and new users -and for that to happen, a highly intuitive response to actions is the fool-proof way to achieve this.

I really want to use Cubasis, but I’m one of those creative souls that is held back by these issues