Editing old tonality system crashes Dorico

I have previously used a singel project for testing all my tonality systems before I made them default. I made a lot of tonality systems in an older version of Dorico, and one of them was a bit outdated so I deleted it. After doing so however it seems to have created some problems for all of my files. I can no longer open the edit window for any tonality system in this test project as this crashes Dorico. Also, all files that use a tonality system previously created in this test file, now only show the default tonalities while still functioning as if using the custom tonality.
This is very frustrating as I would now like to use some of the tonalities from the test project, but as I have not made these tonalities default they cannot be accessed from another file.

Would love if there is any way to fix this since I’m not super pumped about recreating all of these tonalities from scratch if they are completely bugged out.

Welcome to the forum, @V-sus. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with Dorico crashing. Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file that gets saved on your desktop? And if you could also attach your test project here so I can take a look at it, that would also be very helpful. Thanks!

Thanks for the response, I believe the files should be attached to this message now.

A bunch of tunings (delete later).dorico.zip (734.5 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (490.6 KB)

Thanks for providing this file. I can reproduce the crash, which is caused by Dorico not handling the situation that some of the accidentals defined appear to be missing; I’m not sure why they are missing. We can fix this crash, and I could potentially export some of the tonality systems for you, but I’m not sure whether or not they would actually be complete.

Ah! Thanks very much that would be very helpful. It would be much easier to replace some accidentals rather than create the whole tonality system from the begining.

Which of the tonality systems would you find especially useful to have access to?

87edo, all encompassing Just Intonation, and MiLiHaJI would be the main ones.
I think that I have made a lot of key signatures for some of the lower ones like 19 & 17, maybe 15 & 22 as well. So those would be second after that.

Here are all of them.

tuning-systems.zip (57.8 KB)

Thanks a lot!