Editing only in one channel

I usually just split L R to dual mono if I want to independently edit left from right and then I merge back to stereo .wav when finished, but is there a way to do this all within the stereo track? It’s something i’ve always thought should happen when you solo just one channel, but any edits in the soloed channel also happen in the hidden channel unless I’m missing an obvious setting/trick somewhere?

The Channels panel works the same as the Layers panel :
Mute/Solo is just for visualization and audition.
The layer (or channel) you’re actively writing to are highlighted in white.

So if you just highlight one channel in the Channels panel, actions will only be performed on this channel.

Ahh, i’ve got it. I thought the little L & R buttons were both soloing and selecting L or R. Now I understand they are only solo buttons, not channel select buttons. Thanks Robin, think I just forgot inbetween the years using the software. Thanks.

@Robin_Lobel , a feature request on this matter:
Would it be possible to create a keyboard shortcut, that allows to switch/rotate between the active channel? Say for example for a stereo file from Left+Right → [hotkey] → only Left → [hotkey] → only Right → [hotkey] → Left+Right.

Background for this: I quite often edit the spectrum of stereo files with the eraser tool to remove clicks or other artifacts that are not removed by more automated tools (or not removed well enough), and often these are only on one channel or slightly delayed on two channels, so it is somewhat annoying to aways move the mouse to the Channels pane and select the appropriate channel I need to edit.

Not a bad idea. To mirror the Layers Panel shortcuts (which allows you to switch between layers using ↑ and ↓), maybe the Channels Panel could have Alt+↑ and Alt+↓, and when all the way up or all the way down, one more press would activate all channels.