Editing only Left or Right Channel on a Stereo File?

I haven’t been able to remember if I could open up an audio file in Cubase 6 and edit a sound that is only in the Left (or right) channel of the Stereo File. I know I can do this on Adobe Audition and I can think of many crazy ways of achieving this.

Thanks in advanced.

Export to dual mono, re import as two mono files.

Hi Split!

…but then I’d have to use two mono tracks and set one of them to pan 100% left and the other one 100% right. Is this correct? Is this the only way to cut and edit one of the stereo channels independently of the other?

There is no one button push does-it-all. Anywhere. It has to get in the way of “workflow”.
Mind you, I do call it workflow. :laughing:

I’m not sure what you mean. I wouldn’t be looking for a one button push does-it-all but for example, in Adobe Audition you can edit a sound that is only on one channel of a stereo track and it is really quick (I’ve attached a screen capture). Both channels are also linked and cannot be moved arround independently which is good for editing and use of stereo channel effects. This happens just by moving the mouse, it separates the visual information intro three fields vertically, upper is all Left, middle is Left and Right, and bottom is Right. Really simple.

I was asking if Cubase 6 has something similar or if one has to do a a very long method.
Maybe Nuendo has this. Any Nuendo users out there?

Why don’t you just use Audacity?

How many people have to tell you something before you believe it?

If you want to know something about Nuendo, why don’t you search that forum?

A simple no would have been enough.

How Many More Times… :headbang: :mrgreen: