editing parameters on imported h3-sounds

changing filter settings (ie cutoff and resonance) on sounds imported from my h3 banks doesnt affect the sound as it should or at all really. anyone else experience this and found any solution?

another problem with (as far as ive seen only) imported sounds is selecting zones to be edited via midi - this sometimes work and sometimes doesnt work :open_mouth:

Are you sure the filter isnt disabled? I think I noticed before on some imported sounds that it was disabled. The top right of the section you are in has a small picture of a speaker (at least I think it is to be a speaker) and it may be disabled by default. Try clicking that to see if it helps. I have no real issues with the filter etc affected H3 imported FXB’s.

thank you but no the filter isnt disabled you just cant change cutoff and q. velocity and key follow knobs affect the sound though