Editing pedal lines in Key Editor

I wonder why I cannot see and edit recorded pedal lines in the CC64 lane of the key editor. Dorico clearly reads them, but I am only able to edit the pedal lines, not the underlying MIDI data.

You should be able to see the effects of pedal lines by way of the grey line that shows the automatic data that is generated by Dorico when it is setting things up for playback. Set up a MIDI CC editor to point at CC64. It can be difficult to see the lines because of course the value is either 0 or 127, but you should be able to see the vertical lines that appear at the transitions between the pedal being depressed and lifted.

For some reason, those data are not shown unless I draw additional automation data into the CC64 lane. I made a video to illustrate it: Dropbox - Dorico_pedal_bug.mov - Simplify your life
Is it possible to edit the MIDI data generated by Dorico? (it actually is not generated by Dorico, because Dorico converted the recorded MIDI CC into pedal lines…)

No, at the moment you can’t convert Dorico’s automatic data directly into editable data, though that is something we plan to add in a future version.

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