Editing percussion staff slash style / size

Hi. I’ve searched the forum and can’t seem to find what I need.
I have a very intricate drum part, a 5-line staff consisting of slashes on the central line and other parts above and below that, following convention for drum parts.

I would like the central slashes to be smaller, but I can’t seem to edit them. Not through “edit percussion kit”, and not through “Notehead sets” either. The one thing I can do is select each slash on the staff and adjust properties to scale down the size. This would be adequate, if I were able to select them en masse, but Dorico won’t allow me to do this. So my only solution appears to be one which will be agonisingly slow and repetitive.

Unless I"m missing something?

Perhaps if you set it to single-line instruments first, then you can select and scale only one line. Then switch back to 5-line staff again.



Provided you don’t need to use larger slashes somewhere else, you can change the size of the slashes on the Notes page of Engraving Options.