Editing Playing Techniques / Changes are not displayed

Because I don’t like the playback-length of the staccato notes, I created my own ‘staccato-point’ within the ‘playing techniques editor’.

The problem: whatever changes I make - if I put the staccato point very high or very low within the editor- it’s ALWAYS displayed at the very same position in my score.
I don’t understand why.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-22 um 23.57.35.png

If you want to make your ersatz staccato playing techniques appear further away from the notehead so they are consistently positioned with real staccato articulations, change the value of the first option on the Playing Techniques page of Engraving Options from 1/4 space to 1/2 space.

That works Daniel. Thanx

Why doesn’t it have any effect if I change the offset y-value within the ‘Edit Playing Techniques’ section?
No matter which value I enter, the distance in my score stays the same. I don’t understand why you can change the y-value then?

You can change the offsets of components relative to each other, but for a music symbol consisting of a single component the offsets are not considered.

Super !
Thanx for the explanation. More and more little details become clear - still a long way though :wink:

Additional question:

why does it not work that my ‘staccato-point’ is below the note?
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-23 um 15.58.05.png

You need to flip it below the staff with F (the shortcut for Edit > Flip).

ok…I thought that’s the reason why you have an ‘above’ and a ‘below’ layout for the glyph. But that’s probably the same reason which you mention here:

The different above/below option is for when the orientation of the glyph needs to be different, i.e. mirror image - take a look at the strings down bow playing technique for an example.

I understand. Thank you :slight_smile: