Editing playing techniques for SATB choir

I’ve just bought the All Saints Choir by Soniccouture (fab!) and have made an expression map for it. It has 6 “articulations”, A, E, I, O, U, and M. There aren’t explicit playing techniques for these so instead I have them mapped to “mouth open”, “mouth wide open” etc. This all works fine, but…is it possible to change the identifier from say “mouth open” to “A”, so that on pressing shift-P and typing “mouth open” I could type “A” ?

In Dorico Pro, yes, via the Playing Techniques Editor. In Dorico Elements, no - you don’t have access to that editor.

Thanks - I’ll have to save up for an upgrade.

Somebody with Dorico Pro could make the required changes for you, or you could install the 30-day Dorico Pro trial and make the changes there while the trial is running. Installing the trial is actually just as simple as entering the Dorico Pro trial activation code, as Elements and Pro are the same software with different features enabled/disabled by the kind of license you have.

Good idea, thanks Dan, I’ll give it a go. I’m looking fwd to upgrading to Pro, maybe when Steinberg are running a promotion. I’m really impressed with Elements 3.5, a very well thought out program - designed with intelligence. Ditto the Affinity suite.

Although there’s no promotion coming imminently, there should be an opportunity to upgrade from Elements to Pro at a reduced price before the end of the calendar year.