Editing/quantising multitrack drums in Cubase 10


I usually do all my drum recording and editing in Cubase 10 and my usual process is to group all the tracks together with a folder track and then just edit that track manually. This is actually pretty time consuming and faffy- usually I don’t want to quantise all the drums to the grid as I find it kills the performance but what I do want to to is to nudge hits here and there. What would be ideal is a multitrack audio warp which seems to only be achievable by exporting as a 5.1 track and then reimporting- again not ideal as I usually have more than 6 tracks.
Has anyone any tips and tricks to doing this? Obviously finding a drummer who plays perfect takes that don’t need editing would be ideal but not really achievable at the moment!


You can move the tracks, you want to nudge, to a Folder track, but don’t enable the Group Editing. Then you can cut and nudge the Folder event. All Parts/Events in the folder will follow.