editing right- and left-hand guitar fingerings

Everything works right, but one small change could be helpful for the work flow.
When editing for right and left hand, I for one spend as much time deleting as entering guitar fingerings.
There is a small inconsistency in how that works. You have to remember what it is and where it is. I wish it didn’t exist.

Consider deleting a series of left-hand fingerings. When you do the first fingering of the series, you must delete the character that you find to the right of the cursor. For subsequent fingerings in the series, you must delete the character that is to the left of the cursor. You have to remember to switch from one side to the other, but only when doing left hand fingerings. Right hand fingerings work differently.

For all of the right-hand fingerings of a series, you find each and every successive character to be to the right of or directly beneath the cursor. Either way, the same keyboard stroke deletes the character. That’s really nice.

If the initial relative positions of the cursor and characters could be always the same, it would make editing easier.
I wish that they all worked like the routine for editing right hand fingerings.

Lots of examples are attached.
Prelude.dorico.zip (1.32 MB)

I agree that the change one has to make in deleting LH fingering is odd.
I had one happy day when I found the ‘Reset fingering’ shortcut - Option-Command-F on a Mac to delete erroneous fingering quickly and easily.
Once I realised that it applied to any selected note(s) it became really useful.
Now, if there was a way of making it just delete L of H fingering …

Good idea, and I’m trying it. My shortcut is Option-F, which doesn’t seem to conflict with anything. Sadly, it deletes both left- and right-hand fingerings. I will usually only want to delete one or the other. It will work when only left or only right is present. That does happen, but as you say, it’s not a real fix. I’m back to my original request, and glad to have something to use for left-only or right-only while waiting to find out if my fix idea gets to happen.

I’d like to understand a bit more about the specifics of what you’re reporting here, Ed and Andy. I’ve got a simple score here with four quarter notes, each of them has both a right-hand and a left-hand fingering. I select the last note and type Shift+F. The popover opens for the left-hand fingering. The cursor is at the end of the text in the popover, after the fingering. I hit Backspace to delete the fingering, and hit Backspace again to go back to the previous note; the popover opens again, populated with the left-hand fingering for the penultimate note. Again, the cursor is at the end of the text in the popover, after the fingering. And it’s the same for each one as I keep hitting Backspace.

Having deleted all of the left-hand fingerings, I select the last note again, type Shift+F to open the popover, then hit down arrow to switch to the right-hand fingering. As the fingering appears, the first fingering is selected, but as before I hit Backspace once to clear the fingering, then Backspace again to move back to the previous note. The cursor is at the end of the text in the popover, after the fingering - the same as the left-hand fingering.

So can you clarify for me exactly what the difference is from your perspective? Thanks!

Since I edit from left to right, I never thought of going the other way. I will try it and see how it fits into my work flow.
Would it be possible to have the system do a one-step overwrite instead of delete-write?

Your right-to-left method does work as advertised and as I expected it would.
Going right-to-left over a line of fingerings I entered before requires me to think backwards about what I want to do.
For me that will be more error prone than what I have been doing.

If I start editing right hand fingerings at the leftmost entry, the first entry shows up in overwrite mode. Perfect! I wish they all would do that! Then I could just cruise right through the editing task with minimum wear and tear on my worn and torn brain.

I’ll take a look at changing the behaviour of the popover so that when you move from one position to the next or previous one with the left and right arrow keys, it selects all the text in the popover.