Editing several montagetracks simultaneously?

How can I:

  • edit my 6-track (5.1 surround) montage with all tracks simultaneously? I’d like to move a split point on all the tracks simultaneously for instance.
  • move a split point? When I think my split was timed a the wrong position, and I want to move it, Wavelab gives me only the option to move the clips’ beginning or the clips’ end, not both simultaneously.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

You can move aligned clip starts or ends together by selecting all tracks and then moving one while holding the Alt key.

You can’t move the two sides of a split together, as far as I’m aware; but you can move one, and then when you move the other it will click into place alongside the first if you have snapping enabled.


Cheers Paul,
I wonder: how can I “select all tracks”, or “select more than 1 clip/track” ? Of course there is always “select all” and the SHIFT-CLICK-combo, but in most of the time (5.1) it’s quite a hassle… Is there no option like “lasso select” ?? Isn’t there a workaround for clicking my 6 tracks with SHIFT held down, each time I want to edit my 5.1 file?

Quite a pity that one still can’t quickly move the split point of several tracks simultaneously without first moving the beginning of a clip and second moving the ending of a clip… and repeating it for all of your tracks…I’d love to see a clip-grouping/track-grouping or -editing-grouping feature…? Am I overlooking something?

Anyway; thanks!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

lasso is ctrl-shift I believe. Don’t need to repeat shifting start and end for each track. Hold Alt as Paul said, and all selected clip edges will move. Granted simul start and end across all tracks would be nice, but it works pretty well as is for me.

Thanks bob99,
It’s CMD+SHIFT, and makes editing a lot easier.
Let’s hope PG is listening to our feature request: moving split points?


This is one thing that Pro Tools does very well. You can group a set of audio tracks, and then move edit points on all tracks together.

In Pro Tools, this is of course needed for editing drum tracks, or any recorded source that is captured with more than one mic or signal, but I see how in WaveLab this could be useful when editing surround tracks or stem mastering when you have the audio tracks stacked up vertically and they need to always match regarding edits, fades etc.

There is a way to move the xfade, hence the clip end/start points. See this video (press Control/Command when moving the mouse over the xfade):
2016-05-15_16-42-28.zip (399 KB)
But this is one track at a time.

We’ll surely do better in the future.

Thanks for listening and your great support PG.
In the meanwhile, I’ll try your workaround.

Niek/ Amsterdam.