Editing Speed Up

I switch to NUENDO …coming to use it from SAMPLITUDE X PRO (22 Years fan)

Mostly is super nice program im used it 7 months now is AWESOME

only big question is

i only using one channel FOR VOICE and i dont find the way to hear it FAST for editing purpose
i hope all experts of NUENDO here know the trick!!


IM felling driving a ROLL ROYCE and i cant speeding up, cause has a brake on it

Go to Keycommands and search for shuttle. You there have the option to do Shuttle Play 1x 2x 4x 8x(faster) and Play 1/2x 1/4x 1/8x (slower). Create a key command and your all set. Do realize that when for example you have a modifier like shift-space and when you release the keys it will stop playing back (shuttle mode does that).

is WORKING IS WORKING…LOL thank you KLFNK you solve my future Here!
las question, why the zoom doesn’t adjust as i put my cursor in the beginning?
i think i need to adjust the zoom scale in different way isnt?

Best Regards