Editing the tempo track using the Project logical Editor

Since there is (still) no easier way to change the global tempo of a project in relative terms, I would like to use the Projekt Logical Editor for this.
Here is a simple tempo track with a few events as an example. I want to reduce the tempo of the entire track - let’s say - to 75%.

In the Project Logical Editor I set the following.

All tempo events are adjusted properly except the first one! This is a bug in my opinion.

The tools in the Controller Event Editor will let you scale and otherwise manipulate the values without using the PLE.

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Hi @raino, thanks!
With this method I am also familiar, it was also presented at the last YT Cubase Club live stream

However, it is only a workaround and not the best solution for the problem I presented.
My aim is to do the global relative tempo change for the whole project very precisely and quickly and to assign it to a key command.

To experiment with tempo changes of short parts of the project, I also prefer the method you presented.
Unfortunately, this method can only be used on the tempo track and not in the Tempo Editor, which has a better y-resolution. and scale.
Best Regards, Pat


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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