Editing Title

I’ve just watched the ‘adding pages / working with titles’ video. I can’t find the ‘edit text’ button that shows next to Text Frames in the video. Has this moved?

Many thanks.

Do you mean the formatting panel? It should appear when you double-click on the text frame to add text to it.

I’m not sure which video you mean, but I don’t recognize your description of an “edit text” button in the current version of Dorico.

To edit the text in a text frame, just double-click on the text.

If that doesn’t answer your question, can you post a link to the exact video you were watching please.

The video is entitled ‘How to create a title page and Instructional Sheet|Page layout in Dorico’. Not as I mistakenly wrote in the original post.

At about 4.24 mins in, there are two blank pages on screen. To the left (near the top) it says ‘frames’ and next to that there is a ‘toggle on/off’ button. I do not seem to get that to appear. Anthony Hughes makes reference to clicking on this before beginning to edit text.

I was having an issue with changing the font of my title.

HOWEVER, since my first post, I have discovered what I was doing wrong. Now working fine - without the illusive button.

Many thanks for your time.

As mentioned above, I have ‘cracked’ the original issue, but I’m not quite able to achieve the exact result that I want. I would like the the title ‘Three Madrigals’ to have the letter ‘M’ in a larger font size than the rest of the text. However, when I click on the text it suddenly reverts to {@projectTitle@} meaning I can’t isolate the single letter. I clearly missing something very obvious here and will probably go into ‘terminal decline’ when I discover what it is!!

I’m afraid that you cannot add this kind of formatting to text resolved through a token. You’ll need to override the text completely so that a token is not used, i.e. delete the {@projectTitle@} text and replace it with the explicit text “Three Madrigals”, so that you can then select the “M” of “Madrigals” and change its size manually using the text editor popover.

OK, Google finds the video now we know the right title, and it is actually at 1:32 not 4:24 (which is the end of the video!)

The video was made with Dorico 1, but in Dorico 2 the left hand panel in Engrave mode was redesigned because it had more content (the staff bracketing options) and there was too much to display everything at once.

The “Frames button” was replaced by the second “square” icon in the left hand column. But I guess you must have worked that out yourself one way or another.

Many thanks to both of you - I’ll give your method a try Daniel, and relieved I’m not missing anything too obvious.

Of course you’re correct Rob, its first appearance is at 1.32. I thought it might have been some sort of ‘post video’ redesign issue.