Editing Tonality Systems quirk

The last two days I had a whole lot of fun playing with editing a custom tonality system. I did notice one quirk which probably could be changed:

In the Edit Tonality System popup screen, in the central ‘Accidentals’ column, each accidental has a text like “x/xx divisions”. The denominator of this display does not update if I change the divisions by altering some count in the left-side ‘Divisions’ column after creating accidentals. It probably should, because from a practical standpoint the relative function of any particular accidental only relates to other accidentals by the numerator shown, and the denominator is really just handy for reference. It does update after I re-edit the accidental, but if I have a bunch of accidentals this becomes a bit of a hassle.

It would make sense to me if that denominator does make a difference in playback, but the algorithm to calculate the pitch should probably be updated (and probably is - I didn’t test) as soon as the ‘Divisions’ column is updated, not the ‘Accidentals’ column.

Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. We’ll bear it in mind.

Cool! I had a lot of fun playing with it. I ended up creating a 224EDO using Athenian Mixed Sagittal accidentals, organized in such a way that a lot of the small interval quirks of just intonation are retained. Kinda quirky, but sounds awesome, even in the computer playback. The ability to specify how many interval steps between each written note was invaluable.