Editing velocity using the Key Editor


I’d like to ask a question of ye members about editing MIDI. I saw that post by JHP about the logical editor but I’m looking for a possibly easier way.

What I have is midi tracks in a single key edit window including drums (drum map is assigned but not used) and when I select say a snare beat and attempt to use the pencil often it changes the velocity of another note nearby even though it wasn’t selected.

Is there a method I’m not aware of here? I tried using CTRL and ALT but to no avail. :frowning:

Hoping for someone to share what knowledge they may have.

Yes, there is a better way. Press CONTROL+SHIFT over any note event (or drum event). You’ll see how the cursor changes to a speaker. Then, without depressing the key combination, press the left mouse button and you can move the mouse up or down to change the velocity and hear the changes in realtime. You can do it with more than one event at once, if you select them before.

It seems like you have missunderstood my thread about the logical editor. It is not about changing velocitys in a complicated way. :wink:
As dorremifasol pointed out drag with “Control +Shift” over a note. It also works when you have multiple notes selected.

In the infoline you can enter a steady value or you can also turn the mousewheel on the velocity entry field.
If you hold control and turn the mouswheel on the velocity value in the infoline you will set all selected notes to the same value but you can also choose Midi–> Functions–> Fixed Velocity to do this.

You can also select multiple notes and change the values in the velocity lane.
You can also choose “Velocity…” from the MIDI functions menu.
Attached is a gif that shows some velocity changes.

Wow, that’s a very nice video! :slight_smile:

I wish there were more like this one for other functions, preferably included in an on-line or off-line help system. PDF is nice, but far from interactive.

Maybe we can start a sticky for stuff like this.
I’m thinking about a sticky in which we can gather interactive explanatory posts. So users can propose that certain posts by other users will be added to the sticky.

But there are even more ways to manipulate velocity. For instance the MIDI inserts on a MIDI- or Instrument track provide direct manipulation functionality where you do not have to edit.

There are more MIDI inserts that can have impact on the velocity but here I demonstrate the MIDI insert compressor. I then use the function Merge MIDI in loop to write the insert into the MIDI datastream to make the changes visible in the editor. The MIDI compressor is quite powerful because it can take away allot of editing work.
Here is the attachment:
Some_Volume_Changes_MIDI Inserts_Merge_MIDI_In_Loop.gif

definately! Very good Idea!

(I can’t see your GIF here, I guess it’s an animated GIF that shows screengrab animation? Which tool do you use for that?)

I like the Idea of a dedicated play for things like these, perhaps a read-only “Tips & Tricks” forum, where posts like yours are copied over by the moderators, if applicable?

Hi Jan,

If the forum has “blog” features, maybe create some basic articles that don’t need a login at mysteinberg perhaps?

Just a thought, I know over the years many a user has had a go with their own website etc and a wiki is not appropriate.

To view the gifs you can just double click on them and they should show up in your browser. Here it is working with Firefox and Internet Explorer. I will check if we can setup a Tips N Tricks page in which we gather posts that users propose for this area.

Cubase Rulez!

Using Safari on iphone, I get a message “not authorized to download” whenever I klick on ANY attachment. (theres a thread about this issue with others, too)

Hmm, I’m not sure what could be the problem.
You just should be able to open the gif in a new tab of your browser, I assume.
However googling “safari won’t show gifs” indicates that there might be a general problem with Safari and animated gifs, but I’m not sure.


no, you misunderstood:

Using some browsers (here, safari on iphone), users are uanble to download ANY attchment, they get “not authorized to download”.

I cannot even open a txt file attachment, no jpg, no mp3, nothing.

The iphone can perfectly show animated GIF files.

I’ll look up the thread I mentioned and bring it to your attention via a PM…


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