editing voice bug or shortcoming

lets say I have a 4 note chord already entered in a single staff.
all in the default upstem voice
and I decide to change the bottom note to
1- a new downstem voice if there isnt yet
2- the next downstem voice as there are already previous of theese

although “V” or “SHIFT+V” work fine while entering new notes they dont work when editing a note

as I wrote in the title: it is a bug or a serious omission

Happy Christmas !!


Hi Claude,

You right click the notes you want to change, and then in the popup menu that appears, you choose Voice > Change Voice > downstem voice 1 or New downstem voice (if none exist)
I don’t think this is buggy. Where do you have problems when doing that ?

Hi Marc
I know the right click way, I was expecting there was the same Keyboard shortcut as the voice Inputing
seems so natural to me

No, Claude,

It has never been stated that selecting a note and then pressing shift v or just v would change anything. I agree it could be logical, though :wink:
I guess it is the same kind of logic that is applied with force notation : you have to first enable it and then write the stuff you want it to be applied on.

the function lives in the right click already just assign the same shortcut.
to compare it to force notation is “un peu tiré par les cheveux”
have a nice day