Editor Keyboards for Cubase key commands

Been humming and harring about purchasing an Editor Keyboard. Can’t seem to make up my mind. I need a new keyboard with a number pad - trying to learn short cuts.

1] Do Editor Keyboard’s actually help to remember short cuts, or do they make it so easy visually, that again one does not remember?

2] What’s the build quality like viz a viz a bog standard qwerty keyboard of the same price?

3] Backlit or Wireless? I guess we all want both, but one has to choose (probably battery life issues).
What is better in your view, an anchored fancy lighted keyboard, or a cord free dull keyboard?

Opinions peoples non-binaries and peoplettes?


I once had, not a proper Editor Keyboard, but a Cubase overlay for a regular keyboard. I found it less useful than anticipated because it was based on the default Key Command assignments. That meant that a large number of keys were labeled for Commands I’d never use; and none of my custom Assignments (which clearly would be used) were labeled. Also as new versions of Cubase came along, some of the KCs changed. Ultimately it didn’t get me to use KCs more.

A problem with KCs is that it is easy to remember the ones you use all the time. But the ones that are needed once every week or two are hard to remember. And often it is easier in the moment to use the mouse & menu rather than taking the time relearn the Key Command. I used to mitigate this somewhat by keeping a table of KCs in Excel, doing a screen capture of the table and using that image as my desktop, where it could be easily consulted.

But all that went away when I got Metagrid, which for me is the best solution for consistently using Key Commands.

Also those dedicated Keyboards are pretty pricey, while the thoroughly adequate Logitech I’m typing this with cost about $11 US - cheap enough to not care if you spill a coffee (or adult beverage) on it.

I was coming to this conclusion Raino, I already use some bespoke shortcuts. I will probably just get a decent USB wireless keyboard.
Stickers do not work for the reasons you cite and because if your a klutz getting those little stickers onto the keyboard without it looking like the results of a Gorrila making a jam sandwich is hard - I tried, I failed.
Another option is to keep a pic of one of these keyboards on your desktop and just bring that up to remind yourself. i find this helpful , because one can force onself to at least try to remember, before opening the pic

Oh the stickers, I’d forgotten those. Tried that once, six months later half the stickers are gone and the other half had slid into weird positions and the entire keyboard had a sticky goo all over it.

The build quality is really good ,i have the older version with the usb port on the side which is handy for a wireless mouse dongle .
Ive had this version for ten years and about 5 years ago i rang Editor Keys saying the board had stopped working so they asked me to send it back , i received the board back within a week fully functional ,free of charge and i was told they come with a life time warranty , ive been looking at the newer backlit version but decided on a £4.99 led light under the desk surface of the pullout shelf . 10 years , all the keys are still readable and colours haven’t faded and that’s with every day used so i would say yep brilliant quality and great customer services

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hi there
i m looking into buying a dedicated shortcuts keyboard in the likes of editor keys
i m a PC user.
Has anyone got one?
if yes do you like it or do you recommend any???

thank you all



Thank you Steve for moving my post here!

Thank you all!

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I decided to forgoe an Editor Keyboard and get a Logitech MX. I am glad I got it.
The MX is really solid, and backlit if you want it. Bluetooth and USB dongle too.

I reasoned that I will change and customize commands so the Editor Keys would only be of limited use. Instead I wrote myself out a chart of the most useful ones and put this in a plastic insert on my desk. - for quick access. You can get this here: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ai7g90pI7-tKg40Hai4rrjP-swGdSA?e=QJM1Wg