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Hey guys,

I’ve got a question I believe some of you could know the answer to. It’s about setting a specific zoom level by default in editor. Namely, I have 8 vocal tracks (main + overdubs) and more than 60 events recorded. When I use Variaudio to edit pitch, I open it full-window in editor and then apply a vertical zoom level that I need to operate. By default it’s zoomed out max and I need it at around 80% zoomed in. When I’m done with this one event, I go on to another event/channel. But… zoom levels don’t apply to other events. So every time I open a new editor window, zoom level is at 0%. Every time I have to first apply a new zoom level and then do stuff. Is there a way to set a vertical zoom to a specific setting and read it by default (as in the picture ↓)?

P.S. I’m not talking about horizontal zoom which demands high fluctuation. I only need my vertical zoom fixed at every Variaudio event. I also flirted with that ‘Zoom Submenu’, but it doesn’t apply to editors. It only works for the event display window, so that option is out of the equation.

If any of you know a way to make this convenient, your reply would be appreciated. Thanks guys 8)

Yeah, I wish there was a default vertical zoom level for VariAudio, the current default is definitely too small to work with, and you have to resize it for every audio event. I don’t have a proper solution for this either apart from creating a macro where you would call “zoom vertically” as many times as you want (the commands in the “zoom” menu should also apply to editor windows, btw. i use the key commands for horizontal and vertical zoom all the time for VariAudio editing)

P.S. I see you put “score-editor” in the tag list of your post, but the question has nothing to do with score editor?

Thanks for your reply, man. Yeah, a macro could work, that’s true. Using a key binding to set a random zoom level can be convenient. I was just wondering if there was a magic click where the zoom setting is set to my default and not factory default.

What I meant by zoom submenu was that the event window has an independent add/remove/organize zoom menu: a small downwards arrow (▼) right from the bottom horizontal bar. When you click on it, you can redefine some preferences. This is nod included in the editor windows. But either it be or not, I still can’t find any ‘set to default’ option.

Speaking of score-editors, some of the tags have been changed by moderators. Sorry if that caused any confusion.

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I think this sorts it? How set zoom level of a zoom preset?