Editor's additions in small notes (like grace notes): How do I do this?


I have several bars that have to be set in small notes (like grace notes), to indicate that this is an addition of the editor.
How do I do this?
Grace notes always are aligned before a note, I couldn’t find a way to get them “on the rhythm”.
When I right click on the note, unter “notehead” I get lots of options, but nothing that fits.

So: How do I do this?

Any help would be appreciated.


Select notes, go to properties, set scale to something smaller than 100%. I forget what the options are called off hand and I’m not my Dorico PC right now. But basically the default options correspond to normal, grace sized, and cue sized.

Thank you very much!

This works perfectly and is exactly what I need.


Ahem, you may wish to read this excellent article on editorial marks:



thank you for the link, that is very interesting and helpful.


Thank you for an extremely useful article.