Edits Folder Has a Thousand Files

My partner worked on our project and the whole thing seems to have become corrupted. When you open the project it searches for missing files which are in the Edits folder and it can take a long time to open. The Edits folder has 1200 or so wav files and they have names like:

E Guitar 1_06-Gain-0AC4E120175D4ABD83D36CB496C3EDA2.wav.

I managed to export the handful of tracks, create a new project, and import them there so it’s all fixed but does anyone know what might have caused this unusual activity?

DOP does this when you process audio files that have been cut with scissor tool but not bounced to new clips.

What is DOP?

All my other projects have files in the Edits folder like:
E Guitar 1_06-Gain.wav

E Guitar 1_06-Gain-0AC4E120175D4ABD83D36CB496C3EDA2.wav

There must be some setting he’s hit to make this happen this way but it isn’t obvious.

Direct Offline Processing. It’s in the Audio menu.