EDL CMX 3600 Reconform Problems


I can easily import EDL (Cmx 3600) from AVID Media Composer to Nuendo 7.0.35 in my session. But when i import the same EDL via Reconform , a message appears : the loaded EDL file (path and name) does not contains valid entries.

I try to import different EDL from the same movie. it’s always the same message.

However, i can open The EDL’s with Conformalizer 3.6.4

When i open the EDLs with Text Edit, all seems to be OK. I can see Title, FCM: NON-DROP-FRAME, Source and Destination TC, Different Reels. I don’t understand why reconform can’t open them.

Any Idea?

I’d love to know that too.
Also, What can Premier output as Nuendo reconform compatible EDL ?

thanx !

Give me a link and I’ll have a look.

i believe i know what it is.
I installed Nuendo 7 on a Mac with OSX 10.8.5
But i seems that Nuendo 7 can be installed properly with OSX 10.9 10.10 10.11

I tried on a mac with OSX 10.9 and it works.
On a PC with Windows 10 , it works too.

Nuendo 7 available only from OSX 10.9.0 confirmed!

My cutter’s ed’s still don’t load in the reconform window, They load as markers however!
I am on macpro 10.11.4 nuendo 7
didn’t load either in 10.10
Who knows a solution??
thanks a lot!


Upload the EDL somewhere and I can take a look.

Here is a screendump of the start of the edl, it looks normal I guess??


No it doesn’t.
All reconform programs work with video EDLs and what you have is a Audio EDL.

Yes it would be better to use the actual audio EDLs or a AAF but no one has that working yet AFAIK. Virtual Katy tried but it never really worked.

There are ways to use Audio EDLs but it’s really not that straightforward and involves a lot of extra work.