EDM Porducer Wishlist For Cubase 8.5/9

Well, here it is:

  1. Sampler track (FL Studio style) with the basic features: tune, pitch, filter and amplitude envelope, LFO, drag n drop sample import etc.
  2. GOOD filter plugin - good sounding filters, drive knob, Envelope and LFO control over parameters, everything that a 2015 filter plugin needs to have :slight_smile:
  3. Loopmash v2.0 (more precise options for groove making, since for the time being all the effects are synced to LFO) + some more interesting effects like vocoder, pitch shift, filter, phaser, ducking (sidechain style effects) all the interesting stuff :slight_smile:
  4. Media Bay range import (It would be nice to select a portion of an audio sample and import just that range into project)
  5. Mono/Stereo switch on all channels
  6. Retina/HiDPI support!

I probably forgot something…
What do you guys think?

nice list +1

I would have to add something :wink:

7.-> Wavemeters for ALL channels POST fader
8. → Patcher like in FL Studio
9. → Midi Macros like in Ableton Live or NI Kore 2

Thats all :mrgreen:

Point 4 is possible in Nuendo, i hope we’ll see it in Cubase soon.

  1. Might help more than just EDM-producers, but would love to have the oppurtunity to decide if the loops in the Loop browser should go half tempo or full tempo.
    ex. If i make a track in 140 i would like the oppurtunity to change the Loop Browser tempo to 70…