Edting existing tuplets and tied notes

How can I change notation A to notation B?

Thanks in advance!
Notation A.jpg

It’s hard to tell exactly what you have there, but they look like nested tuplets. This should work:

  • Press I to start insert mode.
  • Select the tuplet numbers (not the notes!) and hit Delete. That should leave the notes, and push the rest of the music to the right.
  • You might need to delete the nested tuplet first, and then the other two.
  • Change the note lengths as required (with the number keys), e.g. get rid of the rhythm dots.
  • Select the first note of the bar, press ; to create a tuplet. The default in the popover of 3:2 should be what you want so press return.

If something goes wrong, Undo should let you try again.

Thanks very much. I will give this a try. I am just getting started with Dorico. I imported the midi file from a Finale document. Most of the rhythms came in fine, but these two bars did not for some reason.

This tutorial video might be useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT-SQszhrfM

Usually importing as an XML rather than a MIDI file gives better results with rhythms.