EDU Version Upgrade To Full. How?

This is a lesson that you should always read the fine print.

When I purchased Cubase 7, I was entitled to the edu version because of our NJEA card. I paid $298 for that version.

I have just discovered that I can’t use Cubase 7 edu version to make music to make any money with that music. Wonderful.

Okay, I see that the current Cubase 7 goes for $499. How do I pay the extra $201 in order to get a full license so that I can put up my royalty free music site and make some money. I am dead broke and desperately need to make this site work, which is why I bought Cubase 7 to begin with and used our NJEA card to get the discount.

I don’t feel I should have to spend $499 for software that I already paid $298 for.

Please advise on how to get a full license so that I can use this software for commercial purposes.

Thank you.

buy an upgrade to the next version i think - but there aint one atm

i would contact support!

Sent you a PM.

Responded to. Thanks