Education discount for crossgrade

What would qualify someone for the crossgrade education discount as a teacher?
What proof is required?


There’s a form you can fill in available here with more details. If you buy from our online shop, you should complete the form, provide some proof of eligibility for the educational discount (e.g. a letter on your institution’s letterhead confirming your employment, or a current ID card from your institution, etc.), and also proof of ownership for the product you’re crossgrading from (e.g. a photo of your serial number card, or a screenshot of the About dialog showing your serial number, etc.), and combine all of these things together into a single PDF, and then upload that when prompted during the purchase process.

Is there a deadline when this crossgrade offer for Dorico expires? Thanks, Mark

The deadline has just been extended to 30 June 2017, but I do not expect it will continue to be extended indefinitely, so I hope that if you are considering purchasing Dorico you will do so soon, both to avoid missing out on the discount and to show your support to our efforts. Thanks!

Hi Daniel,
Presumably this crossgrade deadline extension applies to the non-educational version too? Apologies if this is explained elsewhere too but I couldn’t find it!

Yes, indeed, the deadline extension applies to both the professional and educational crossgrades.

Do you know if the education discount is available to charities? Avid gave me education discount for Sibelius as a member of an amateur opera society that is a registered charity in the UK. Does Dorico offer something similar?

I’m afraid I don’t think we have any provision for charities in our educational discount scheme, but I will check.