Education Edition For Highschool

Hey, quick question for anyone that would know.
I am currently a senior in Highschool and am looking at getting the Dorico 4 Pro education edition (since it’s cheaper and fits my needs). What type of verification would I have to submit for the “Proof of eligibility” that I’m an actual full-time student?

There is information here, quite general though, but should help you if you have not seen it already:

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Earlier today Daniel Spreadbury said he is looking into the possibility of even lower prices for students so watch this thread, too:

No Dorico Black Friday Sale for EDU?

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I was able to submit a screenshot of my student profile and got verified that way! Turns out it doesn’t have to be anything to complicated. Thanks for the help!

Good to hear you have been easily approved. Best wishes with Dorico.

This thread is useful to start with if you have not already found it:

And if you have problems, this forum is extremely helpful.
Have fun!