Education Edition - Where to upload proof of eligibility?

Hello, feel a bit stupid here because I’ve searched and searched and no one looks to have asked this question.

I have purchased Cubase 9.5 EE from another retailer, I’ve installed the product and tried to activate and all I keep reading is “The proof must be submitted as a file and uploaded to the appropriate place in the Steinberg Online Shop.”

But where to upload?

I have a pdf of a letter from my Uni and I’ve looked all through the Steinberg website and online shop and couldn’t find any place to upload my evidence. :laughing:

Have you created a MySteinberg account? I think that’s the only route, and may require a request to support through that channel.

It’s just a bit strange because I initially contacted support through my Steinberg account - I had elements before - and asked if I was eligible for the education edition. I uploaded a letter from my University and they told me I was eligible. She then told me that I would have to upload the relevant proof in the online shop at the appropriate place.

When I tried to find this I could not find anything like I said, but I looked at the status of my cubase pro and it says product activated and gives me a date.

Weird, I guess that’s it done?

If you were purchasing the software from the Steinberg site, I believe there is a place in your shopping cart for attaching the proof. Since you already purchased it elsewhere, maybe you can email them @ and ask.

I got that email from a link on this liked page:

Regards :sunglasses:

If you got a dongle with the licence on it al is ready.

I once bought an educational version from a retailer. They wouldn’t sell it to me until I provided my proof to them.

After that when the package arrived the activation went ok and I didn’t need to send the same proof to Steinberg directly.

I believe you should provide the proof to whoever you are buying from. Be it Steinberg online shop (upload during check out) or a local retailer (in whatever form they require).

If you managed to activate the software then there’s nothing you need to do.

This has always been my impression in the past too.

Ok thanks for the replies and help everyone, I’m happy with that. I guess I can installing cubase 9 on my laptop as well as my DAW and just swap the dongle between in order to use on each? You don’t have to register the 2nd computer etc?

Both correct if the license is on a USB dongle.

Regards. :sunglasses: