Education Version can be updated with 50% ?

I have Cubase Pro 8 Education version and I want to take advantage of 50% promotion. Can I get this 50% discount chance and update my edu version to Cubase Pro 10?
I thought this promotion is available for only normal versions. I saw this under the page of upgrade: “Educational versions are not part of the Promotion.”
Thanks for any information

Steinberg do not offer an “education upgrade” product. You buy a normal upgrade product to upgrade an education licence, which converts your licence to a full version with commercial use and resale allowed. See FAQs #7, 11 and 13 in the Steinberg education FAQ. In other words, you can buy a Cubase Pro 8 to Cubase Pro 10 upgrade in the sale at 50% off and you will have a full licence of Cubase Pro 10 with commercial use and resale allowed.

The exclusion of education versions from the sale means you cannot get 50% off the already discounted education price for new licences. At the moment, full licences are cheaper than education ones!

Thanks for reply. As I understand you told: If I buy from the regular price (99.50 Euro) my education version (Cubase Pro 8) will be commercial full (Cubase Pro 10) version. Right?
Sorry about my poor English…


Thanks for information. I hope I can use my Usb Elicenser which I use in Cubase Pro 8 with new Cubase Pro 10.
Or Do I need to buy new Usb Elicenser or update it?

That one will work, no worries.

Thanks all for information. I want to upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.

I have trouble about payment with credit card in Shop. I got this message after i tried to pay:
The Payment failed. Your card will not be debited.
Please try again.
I called bank and asked something is wrong or not? They told: Everything is ok. Your card is open for shopping and enough limit…
What should I do?

Only the only shop can help with that,

Thanks for answer. But there is no good support from asknet…
I opened ticket about my request but they didnt reply.

At least I solved to buying Cubase 10 with my luck… I dont know how I did!!!
I tried to fill forms in shop but i couldnt get success…
Last one, I tried enter all letters as small (include my credit card name) I got success…
Interesting: Because my name is written as BIG LETTERS and I was trying to enter same big letters in form and system didnt accept paying…