educational cubase

i bought my son cubase 7 educational addition the problem is his laptop is begining to break until i can afford to replace it
i would like him to use my laptop is that possible i read somewhere your only aloud to have it on one laptop only
thanks steve

The program will work only on one computer AT A TIME. Meaning you can install it on another computer, and just plug the USB dongle into it. Wahalah! :smiley:

Which is not valid for educational versions

Thats news to me. The whole point of the dongle is to restrict it to one computer, at a time. Is it not? The educational version of Cubase comes with a dongle. The only difference between the educational and full versions, is the price tag, and text tag on the license center marking it as an educational version. Its the same exact product as the full. And if you upgrade to a newer version of Cubase, it no longer is an educational version. Perhaps Im wrong about this?

No. EDU Licenses have some more restrictions (concerning use, not program feature-wise).

I see. Well, I guess that clears everything up, huh? LOL

Did a bit of research and i found that I was wrong about a few things. …

"Limitations of education products

Education products may not be utilized for commercial use
Private education license for students and teachers/educators: The software may be installed on one computer only and may be used by the license owner only.
Education license for institutions: The software may be used by teachers and students of the validated institution only."

So, youre telling me that because he has it installed on a computer already, he cant get a different (new) computer and use it on that if he upgraded?!? That cannot be right. A “one time register, only” type deal? I dont believe that to be true.

If anything, hed have to unregister his current pc and register the new one. That should only be the case if the educational version uses the software eLicenser, though. He should be able to install it on the new computer, plug the dongle in, and rock and roll or hop the hip. If anybody knows differently, Id like to know what you know. And please elaborate lol. :wink:

according to the Terms and Conditions given to EDU Licenses, it is only allowed to install the software on one computer (regardless of the fact that the Dongle permits using only 1 Computer at a time). That means literally, an EDU License (one) gets Support for one Computer. If you upgrade/update an EDU License, the limitations will be removed.

@stevebg Your Son can use your computer if he will be using only that Installation for which he could demand Technical Support. The previous installation on his laptop should be removed before.

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No, what i was trying to say was, the general terms do not apply to EDU versions. I was not saying you can install it only on the first computer it originally was installed on. But you can not install it on up to three computers at the same time, like the regular version.
Where I might have mixed up the term “another” and “a different” computer,

If anything, hed have to unregister his current pc and register the new one. That should only be the case if the educational version uses the software eLicenser, though.

No, that should also be the case, if he uses any EDU version, as you quoted above…

I see. That def clears my misunderstandings up. Thanks for the breakdown guys! :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

thanks for your quick replys just to break this down he has a disk for cubase if i download this to my computer its the dongle which allows you to access cubase so its that i would need to up date
i appreciate all your help even if it did get a bit heated in the middle

I did not mean to come across like i was heated. I apologize if anyone thought so. Perhaps my use of exclamation marks and light sarcasm got the best of me.

I only wanted to understand and/or help somebody else understand. Sometimes, we dont actually know what we think we know, is all. Im only Human. Plagued with ignorance. :blush:

hi sir joseph
there no need to apologise without people like you and other members bouncing off each other people like me would never get the answers to our problems
thanks again steve

Once you update/upgrade from cubase 7 educational to 7.5 can you then sell or give it to someone else :question:

Thank you in advance.

Short answer… no.

Actually the answer is yes.

After a paid update has been applied to an edu license it becomes a regular license.

I must have misunderstood… I thought he wanted to sell just the educational version and keep the full version. :confused: