Educational license span

Hello everyone,
I purchased Dorico Elements with an education discount (I’m enrolled in a conservatoire) and it’s working just fine. However I have a question: what will happen when I’ll finish my study path if I want to keep using the software? Will I be asked to buy a full copy of the software or just pay the difference between the Edu price and the full price? I’m asking this especially because I’m planning to switch to Pro in the future.

Welcome to the forum, Edoardo. When an update to the next version of Dorico Elements is released, or if you decide you’d like to upgrade to Dorico Pro, if you buy an update or upgrade, your license is automatically converted to a professional one.

Thank you for your quick reply. But one thing is not yet clear for me (sorry, English is not my 1st language): if I upgrade now to Pro with the reduced fee (289.00€), can I keep using that version forever (if I don’t update/upgrade it)?

Yes, indeed, all Steinberg software is licensed on a perpetual basis, so your license will not expire.

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