Effect suggestions and additions

Halion’s effects are pretty nice! Here’s a few more that could be useful. I’ll ignore Legacy effects.

-Harmonic Enhancer:
A high passed signal is sent to a dynamic expander, then boosted and mixed with the dry signal. Quieter signals are boosted less thanks to the expander (controlled by a sensitivity knob), making this work more or less like a simple dynamic EQ. Useful for naturally adding brightness to muffled recordings, like old 32kHz samples.

-Harmonic Exciter:
A high passed signal is distorted, creating harmonics, then mixed with the dry signal, like an Aphex Aural Exciter. Different sound than the Enhancer, and works with stuff with barely any/no high harmonics.

More Chorus voices can produce a more transparent stereo widening/thickening effect, Roland Dimension D style. Hypersonic 2 had something similar (Quad Chorus), it’s strange to see this being omitted.

-Multi-Voice Pitch Shifter:
With control over fine/coarse pitch, pan, pre-delay, feedback and level of each voice, and a mix knob. This has MANY uses, from sound sweetening to producing unusual sounds. Cubase’s Cloner effect is almost there, just missing a few features.

-Spring/Plate Reverb:
Halion’s reverb is great, but it doesn’t always do the job for these kinds of reverbs. A separate optimized algorithm or impulse responses would be nice.

-Multiband Dynamics:
Applies upward or downward expansion or compression, like the Ableton Live plugin. Very useful for both sound design and mixing, and very popular in EDM.

-1176 emulation:
Essential sound for many genres. The Vintage Compressor doesn’t quite provide a similar sound. Groove Agent would also benefit greatly from a decent 1176.

Simpler version of Reverence with IR import. For cabinet impulse reponses and sampled EQ curves, for example.

-Mod Delay:
Simple chorused delay.

-Distorted Delay:
Delay with distortions in the feedback loop. Something similar to the popular Radio Delay in Omnisphere.

-Channel Isolator:
Allows you to “solo” a single channel (like left or right), which is then automatically centered. The different mics in stereo and 5.1 samples often capture a different sound character. Sometimes it’s desirable to use just one of the mics in a preset, like the brighter mic of a piano sample.

-Vinyl Simulator:
Something like Cubase’s Grungelizer.

-Mono to Stereo:
The effect from Cubase. It sounds pretty good.


A few more variations are always welcome in synths aimed at sound design. A waveshaper would be nice.

Pre-delay knob, waveform selection from sine (smooth, the way it is now) to triangle (+1, -1, +1…). Maybe a random waveform.

Auto Wah.

Impulse response import. Absolute must for a sampler.

Feel free to suggest your own.


These are good ideas. A lot of these can be made via scripting.

+1 on Dynamic EQ