Effects customization : parameter value of the compressor


A simple topic : for some effects parameter, they are no value.Especially for the compressor effect.

For instance, i’d like to know what are the value for the threshold (the top is 0 db?5 db?). And the middle of the gain parameter means no adding gain to the processed signal? Or perhaps the bottom of the gain?

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Hi Fred,

regarding the compressor:

  • Threshold ranges from -30dB to +10dB
  • Gain ranges from -20dB to +20dB

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Thanks for this quick answers! Setting the threshold will be easier. Maybe you might put these values on the effects parameter settings menu or in the manual.

Agree with this and also timings for the attack and release in msecs would be good. I have to say that playing around with these values, I could not hear the effects that I was expecting (eg. with a longer attack, getting the effect of the raw sound coming through before the compression is applied), so maybe this needs an overhaul as well?

I would agree with this. Gives a better idea of what values we are puttings at instead of guessing. Same with threshold. Seeing the meter would be extremely helpful for reference.