Effects sends

Hi, I’m new here

I have been trying to do this in my new Cubase Artist 8.

I want to create a send chain from an audio track, to delay channel, to reverb channel. In other words, I want to send a vocal track to a stereo delay and have the dry delay only sent to the reverb. This is a classic production trick which can be easily done with external effects and mixer, but seems impossible in a DAW, at least it seems that way in Cubase. Bear in mind that I already know how to create individual delay and reverb sends.



did I get you right?: You want to send a Portion of your audiotrack to a delay and then only send this delayed Signal to the reverb?

If yes: Only Thing you Need is to create an effect (or Group) channel, direct one of the sends of your audio-track to this and insert a delay into the first Slot of the effect-channel and a reverb into the second. Set the delay to “wet only” (if this Option exists.).

Cheers, Ernst

I’m presuming here that you only want to send the wet delay signal to the reverb?
If you are only using this effect for the vocals you could set up the (wet) delay efx channel that you want then you can add a reverb insert onto that efx channel after the delay and adjust the reverb mix accordingly. Alternatively you can add a reverb send from the delay channel. Label the channel Vocal Reverb and then add to any of the vocal sends you want to add it to.

The efx channels can be used to create a chain of efx if you want to try something experimental. I have created some interesting delay or reverb effects in this manner.

Thanks for replying.

So, I created an effects track and placed the delay and reverb in the insert section, delay 100% and Reverb 100% and it worked great. However, It doesn’t seem to matter in what order the delay and reverb are. I will try the other options as well.

Much obliged.


Hi you :slight_smile:

You say you insert the delay in the first insert Slot and the reverb in the second, all 100% wet. And you say changing this order does not result in any Change? Well, to delay the Audio that Comes out of the reverb might Sound very Close to reverberating the delayed original Audio.

I think the main Parameter in your Setup is the mixture of the original (neither delayed nor reverberated) Sound with the delayed/reverberated one.

Regards, Ernst

PS.: If changing the order of the effects in the effect channel does not create audible differences this would be the same with external Hardware.