Effects Track


How about an option for us to place the new effects track where we want?

As it is now, the effects track defaults to the bottom of the track list, or, the extreme right of the mixer, the way traditional mixing desks would have it. If we select the last track in a vocal group before we add the effects track, could we have a radio button to have the effects track inserted immediately after that selected track?

In a large session, removing the need to drag the effects track to the desired location from the end of the track-list or the right side of the mixer would be a nice workflow enhancer.

What do you think?


Isn’t that the way it already works?
Select “Create outside of Folder” when creating the Effects Track.
The track will be below the selected track.

Or you can select any tracks, right click on the track header area and select Add FX Track to selected Tracks - also "Create outside Folder.
Same thing.

It would be nice, if that’s the way it works.

I was watching this video from October last year … https://youtu.be/RWRE5YohJHk?t=401

Thanx, for the response!

Yes, it does work that way.
They added the “Create Outside Folder” option after many requests - including my own. Used to have to drag the track up to where you wanted it after creating it. Slow.
If I remember correctly it was the same way with Instrument Tracks and VST instruments (now “Rack” instruments).

Thanx! :slight_smile: