Efficient template tips and keeping a clean sound.

Hey guys,

I am curious do you guys have any good template and workflow tips for writing and producing on the fly, something to keep things efficient when working with others in the room? Even though ive been with cubase much longer than pro tools i have the work flow sometime clunky to get things set up and sounding right.

Thats my other question, what tips can you guys give while still working with midi instruments and audio to keep things sounding nice and clean, I find working in protools things tend to sound more in their own space and more headroom so to speak, when im writing in cubase i find i clip very quickly and its hard to get things from sounding demo to nice. (I am not talking mixed and polished) But i have colleagues who have little to know mixing skills show me works in progress that always sound so clean compared to my early stage work… Anyone understand where im coming from?

Any tips or help much appreciated.

Workflow consistency or a template can help keep things organized.
For example organize you tracks like a real hardware mixer by having first your
instruments / midi after audio after FX and last the Group channels next to the stereo out organized from left to right. Add some colours to your tracks.

As for clipping use a compressor in your inputs and try using the new production presets
Or save your own production presets or fx chains and load them as needed.