Efficiently preparing Dorico for upcoming school year

Hello everyone. I am diligently studying to know how to use Dorico for the new school year of composition. However, I have some questions to work efficiently.

I use the default setting for setting key shortcuts. I work with an azerty keyboard on Mac. When using key shortcuts within a session, I often accidentally type “command N” for new project sometimes. I’ve tried to remove this “command N” key shortcut but I can’t! Can’t find it in the preferences menu, can it? thank you. This to study efficiently and pleasantly.

The selection menu “on my mac?” “don’t save-cancel-save” does not work. Only with “command D” But then the entire program closes. In Cubase/muse score other programs I can perfectly determine the choice with the left and right arrow keys. I don’t :(((( How can I close the “new project” window without closing the program please?

I would appreciate if Steinberg “as in Cubase” would add a “follow” function please. With my visual impairment, it’s just handy while the score is playing, to look at a fixed point when the score scrolls by. The option to reduce the score with the zoom function is no help to me. So the “follow” option would be great please?

I’m glad this forum exists to improve user suggestions and get the needed help. Thanks in advance. Have a nice weekend. Musical greetings Yannick

Well that is a standard function in DAW’s, for obvious reasons, but how would you even do it in Dorico? Large numbers of scores have multiple systems per page, so it’s basically impossible. Think about it.

What MacOS version are you on; and what Dorico version? What language is your OS and Dorico set to use?

You should be able to find the shortcut for a New document here:

Can you explain this more? Are you saying that Dorico crashes when you use Command D in this dialog? And the other buttons don’t work?

Hey Ben, thanks for your assistance. highly appreciated. I have removed the key shortcut so that I can work more securely.

I made sure that my mac has enough cpu to run Dorico properly. It is sometimes a bit of a wait (hourglass) with some computations. I have a Mac Book Pro. 3.1GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 -8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3. 3.4.1 (22F82).

Dorico does not really crashes. I am not able to choose to navigate with the left and arrow key in the menu “save changes”. The only option is to push “command D”. and the program closes. No choice to choose “cancel” or “don’t save”. Only the blue frame for “save”. In the situations that it does work, I can confirm my choice with the mouse. But not even with the with the left and arrow keys. The sunglass sometimes remains visible and yet an action can sometimes be made with the mouse. Due to my visual impairment, I use the keyboard commands more than the mouse. I’ll get the Notation Express Stream Deck Profile for Dorico later when I can buy it.

Another thing: if I work in another mode “print mode”, "play mode etc. I have to click with the mouse somewhere in the mode window before I can switch back to the previous or other mode. Thanks again Ben. Greetings Dorico people.

Ah: I think I understand now. Yes, the arrow keys or TAB don’t work to change the highlight of the buttons on the dialog.
However, Cancel should be triggered by Escape. Save will be triggered by Enter.
“Don’t Save” works for me, with Command D. If you are using a different language, it may be a different letter. Are you sure that Dorico itself closes – or does it just close the window (which is expected)?

Is that a 2016 13-inch MBP? Sadly, a CPU with only 2 cores is going to struggle, because Dorico (and everything else that needs to be done) have to ‘wait and take turns’ with the 2 cores.

What version of Dorico are you on? I think this was fixed in the last update.

Hi Ben, it’s a sunny Sunday day today in Antwerp. I hope you have nice wheater to wherever you are. Yes I do indeed have a 2016 13-inch MBP. My cubase with UA Apollo 16 with cubase works fine.

So yes! a bit disappointed. Save for a more recent model I suppose. I have Dorico Elements version Version . I have made sure that I still have sufficient CPU for Dorico.

Your specified key shortcuts - Cancel = Escape, Return = Save are working. Thanks. “Command D” however (on my Mac) closes Dorico completely. The other obstacles I experience being "if I work in another mode “print mode”, “play mode etc. I have to click with the mouse somewhere in the mode window before I can switch back to the previous or other mode”. So are some other features. I will try the return key to see if I can switch back to a previous mode without clicking the mouse in the respective window.

Is this really because my Mac Book pro has just 2 cores? Many thanks for your time and guidance Ben.

Kind regards

That’s your problem. I was fooling around with alternative keyboard layouts 30 years ago, and mechanical which has become a big fad. It’s good mechanical are popular now because they deserve it - on alternate layouts trust me they just cause you trouble, won’t make you faster, easier or more ergonomic, and you’ll abandon them eventually anyhow.

Just FYI: AZERTY is basically the common French keyboard layout, also used in (Dutch-speaking) Flanders, i.e. Belgium. Francophone influences traditionally were bigger in Belgium than with us up north in the Netherlands, where the Anglo-Saxon QWERTY is predominant. Nothing extraordinary.

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Thanks Dan fand Pjotr. It is indeed my problem. I do work from a real Mac keyboard with azerty key subdivision so nothing extraordinary. No alternative keyboard. I will close this topic. Determine if on other systems "keyboards etc. I experience the same. I love the ease of use of Dorico I will make it work.


No: that’s an interface bug, which has been fixed in Dorico 5.

When you look at the File menu, can you see the shortcut for Quit? Is it Command D?

Sadly for you, this is a very underpowered machine by modern standards, even if certain other programs still run ok. Most iPads have more power than that these days.

Hi Ben , The key shortcut is set to “Command Q”
“Command D” in dialogue window is a bug then. :slightly_smiling_face:
Okay I will upgrade to Dorico 5 :blush: soon as I can. Thanks for being patient with me.

As a French Dorician, I’ve used an AZERTY keyboard every single time I’ve used Dorico. But I admit I never tried to cmd-D while quitting.
There have been some quirks, like some combinations that never worked as key commands, but that’s all…