Eighth Note Beams Connected Across the Beat on 2/4 Meter

Hi, I had an issue a few weeks ago about 7/4 meter, and the solution was to bracket the 7/4 time signature like [4+1+1+1]/4

However, now 2/4 meter is giving me problems because the eighth notes are connected across the down beat. When I disconnect them then the flag becomes inverted (attached picture):

I tried to bracket the meter as [1+1]/4 which didn’t work. I tried going into “Notation Options > Note Groupings” which didn’t solve my problem either.

How can I simply un-break the eighth notes from being tied at the flag in 2/4 measure?

Try these (In Write mode):

Edit > Beaming > Split Beam

Edit > Beaming > Make Unbeamed

Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming

Notation Options > Beam Grouping