Eighth-note triplets beginning with quarter note

  1. How do I enter an eighth-note tuplet that begins with a quarter note?

  2. I have a beat with two eighth note, the second of which is tied to another eight note in the next beat. I want to change the first two eighth notes to an eighth-note triplet beginning with a quarter note, and maintain the tie to the eighth note on the next beat.Image

You can enter 3:2e for 8-note triplets in the popover, then just add a quarter note.


For your second question, get the caret to the position where you want the tuplet to start, ensure that eighths are selected in the left panel (hit 5), then type ; 3 Enter. Then shuffle or extend the notes using Alt-Right and/or Shift-Alt-Right (Iā€™m using Shift-Alt-Right here to extend by the caret, and I have my rhythmic grid resolution set to eighths.


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Thank you both so much for the helpful replies. I am now able to do this. I am sure that I will have other struggles in learning Dorico after so many years of working with Finale.