Eiosis Air EQ crashing Cubase - CrashDump Incl.

It’s been like this for a while. Since Cubase 8 or so at least.
Cubase 64bit 2018.12.2 14.32.dmp (846 KB)


The crash is in the Eiosis Air EQ. Please, inform the plug-in vendor.

I use the Eiosis Air EQ and am not having any issues. There was recently an update for the plugin. Might want to get the latest version and try again.

I am using the Air EQ however initially I had an issue. When I first opened Air EQ Premium the bottom pane did not display at all. It was then that I discovered that I was using the VST 2 version and looked for the VST 3 version and found it had been blacklisted. So I re-activated the VST 3 and removed the VST 2 from the menu, and have had no problems with the VST 3 version (3.6.6). Have you checked to see which version you’re using?

The crash is in CUBASE PRO 10. Please, inform the DAW vendor.

Same crashes with Slate Digital, Softube, SoundToys and Antares plugins. All of them use iLok protection.

Maybe you need to upgrade your ilok software as I am using Softube, Slate, Soundtoys, and eventide stuff with 10 and have not had any crashes with any of them.