Eisois AirEQ Premium not rendering

Are there any users of the new Eiosis AirEQ Premium here?

I have been using it for awhile now and am noticing that it’s not being included on rendered files which is very unfortunate. I just installed the latest update so I’ll have to do some research to see if previous versions also had this issue.

I’m using the VST-3 version on OSX 10.9.5 with WL 8.5.20

I’m not sure why Wavelab is the most sensitive DAW to 3rd party plugin bugs. It’s like I have to do a dance of what plugins work when and where and do my own beta testing more than most other software.

For what it’s worth, the Eiosis EQ does render sometimes.

However, I have a small test montage in which the AirEQ only engages after you open the GUI and look at it and it’s not included in DDP or WAV file renders when inserted on an audio clip. I will have to investigate more about why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Eiosis tech support says they purposely broke VST3 specs in favor of CPU efficiency and this will cause their products (and some Slate stuff) to not work with offline renders.

What a bunch of jokers. It would be nice if they at least gave a warning instead of letting you find out the hard way.

That’s an alarmingly frank admission. I often wonder about stuff like this when I read posts assuming the DAW is at fault. I makes you wonder how well implemented the rest of the plugin actually is.

An apparent fix for this offline render bug in VST-3 is due out Friday.

We’ll see if it does the trick.

Wait - who is addressing the “offline render” fix for Wavelab?
Steinberg with WL8.5 or Eiosis with AirEQ?

I ask because I am in close contact with both companies about this, and I was among the first to report this as well. The issue is known as the so called “VST3 Audio Forward Bug”.

And actually, Slate and Eiosis aren’t the only ones. Klanghelm suffered for years about this (might happen again with the current beta), U-HE dropped VST3 support due to this as well, and another company that comes to mind is “Tokyo Dawn Labs”.

This issue is known for years at this point.

The fun thing is:
VST3 works fine in CubEndo, but not in WL. So the the blame towards the host doesn’t come out of nowhere. And yes, one excuse is, that the “plugins in questions are copied 1:1 during rendering and are then processed”. But this isn’t the solution (Klanghelm tried this possible solution first with his late betas for SDRR).

So I definitely feel with you.

I was told by Eiosis that:

“Thanks to your report, we were able to fix the Offline Render bug in the VST3 format for Wavelab. We’re spending some time today and tomorrow to test the fix and ensure compatibility with previous versions. We’ll release the fix on Friday, given that there’s no regressions”

Hm… curious.
Might bug Eiosis about this. Because last time we talked about this, we were at a point of a stale mate. Which is why I only use the VST2 versions of Eiosis and Slate, since they work flawlessly (again, VST3 works in CubEndo).

The update released today appears to fix the VST3 offline render bug but I still have the issue where I can’t hear the EQ effect until I open the plugin window.

Is anybody else experiencing?

OSX 10.9.5