Elastique crackles/artifacts on audio playback in some cases

If I switch to standard, then back to elastique, it sometimes goes away.

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I’m running into these issues in Cubase 13.0.10 on my new M3 MacBook Pro. I have an Apollo Solo interface. Buffer doesn’t seem to affect the clicks and pops, as they are somewhat at random. I’m especially noticing it when using Elastique Pro Time with the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool. It’s frustrating when editing vocals and other audio and I’ve run into it on different computers and different versions of Cubase for several years now. Has Steinberg ever said anything about this issue? Has anyone found sure-fire workarounds? Thanks so much.

EDIT: I also get clicks and pops sometimes with Melodyne on adjacent events that are crossfaded. Is this related? Some posts suggest the Elastique issues are related to crossfades.

The only workaround is to render or bounce those “problem areas”
unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face:


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