eLCC and Cubase 9.5 Pro loading problems

I recently had problems opening up Cubase Pro 9.5 and getting eLCC to recognise my Cubase dongle. Many times on opening eLCC it just said “searching for licenses” but nothing further happened.
I could not load Cubase either. Sometimes I got the message “No License found” and sometimes it would load partially, then freeze.
I updated the eLCC software but still no good.
It took me several days to solve but then I checked if I had installed any new software recently.
The only one was 5kMedia Player !!! I also did a full scan with Bitdefender and it identified several warnings regarding the 5k Media Player files so I uninstalled it and Bingo - Cubase now loads and works fine (as before) and the eLCC identifies my Steinberg Dongle every time.
This has to be more than a coincidence. Maybe others have not had these problems with 5k Media Player but for some reason it had this effect on my PC. I run Windows 7 SP1 64bit.
Hope this helps someone else.