eLCC.exe Application Error (0x000007b) error

HI there,
I just bought the Cubase 9. I’ve installed cubase but when I try to activate the key licenser a window appears and it say : eLCC.exe -Application error"The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007). Click OK to close the application.

I operate the Windows 8 version.
I have googled all the stuff like updating windows (C++), uninstall eLcc, install again, try different usb ports, and nothing happens.

PLS help me guys it is very frustrating cau the Christmas is coming and I bought it as a gift!

Hi and welcome,

Have you tried this?

yes, already did that

Hello, any one get the answer for this problem… I have same problem with this. cannot open elicenser application

Same here.
Win 7 with all SPs and updates.
I already re-installed .NET Framework and all the C++ runtimes. No success.
It is frustrating. I would love to have a hardware dongle, this software based licensing is a joke. iLok is not better.
I now will have to cancel the order. No Cubase for me at this point,