Electric Bass Drop Tuning

Just bought the Electric Bass and I was wonder is their a way to drop tune it so I can hit a low Bflat or A?

That’s the one in absolute collection isn’t it?

If so, it’s a 5 string bass so don’t think they sampled below B. There’s an octaver stomp box on there though, you could try playing the lowest A or Bb and then setting the octaver to -1 and adjusting the mix a little to see how it sounds.

Also, if it’s a subby sound you’re wanting, try combining the electric bass instrument with a synthesized sub bass track record enabled at the same time - it allows the ‘natural’ instrument to provide the click and tonality and sub to carry the lows. The sub just needs to be low and airy without too much detail.

But if you’re wanting a really deep metal style bass in those lower ranges, not too sure how close you can get, the sub bass layer method would sound cleanest, octaver down 1 will sound more gnarly - if you get it right.

You could also record a bass part into an audio track and then use variaudio to shift the lower notes down, as you would MIDI… Again, not sure how good that would sound, if you wanted to try that you would need to record the Electric Bass instrument without effects - and then apply amp sim/fx after the raw audio (i.e. after the variaudio adjustments) has been recorded.

Sorry, not a great deal of help - but that’s all I can think to help really. Of course, there’s always the manual, but I can’t remember a lower tuning mode on there.

Thanks! I’ll see if that works for me. As a gospel musician (organ/keys/bass) I drop tune my bass and flat my strings i.e. Bb-Eb-Ab-Db-Gb. Recently, some of bass players I know have been tuning to a low A so that’s why I ask.

Thanks, again.